Types Of Waxing Offered in Salons

When most people think of waxing, they often picture smooth legs and hairless hands. The most common type of waxing is facial waxing. Home-kits to apply wax above or below the lips are not enough. Wax Salon in Berlin is run by highly-skilled estheticians, who have spent years perfecting their skills to offer relaxing, quick, and painless waxing (even if it’s between your eyes).


You don’t need to spend hours or days tweezing when you have world-class facial waxing services nearby.


Tweezing can be tedious and time-consuming. However, the hair will grow back. It’s also easy to over-tweeze brows and make it irreversible. A quick eyebrow waxing can make your hair look thinner and remove any traces of the pain you feel from using the dreaded wire.


Unsightly hair can often be found at the top and bottom of your lips. Women who regularly tweeze and bleach hair know how difficult it can become. A lip wax is faster than any other option and it’s more thorough.

Normally, the hair on your cheeks is very light. It is possible to get rid of it, but it can be challenging, especially if your hair growth gets out of control. Wax Spa is the preferred choice for residents of Berlin who don’t want to shave every day.


The chin is very sensitive, too much-unwanted hair can lead to irritation. Plucking under-chin hair will cause you to have watery eyes that can lead to a dry and uncomfortable day.


Sideburns are a common problem in women. It is common for women of any age to have to shave/tweeze the sideburns daily.


Reasons why Waxing Services Should Be Offered


Loyalty and Returning Customers: Waxing is a great way of building a loyal clientele. It is necessary to return every 4 to 6 weeks due to hair growth cycles. It is essential to give your clients the best service possible to ensure they leave satisfied. You can provide the best wax to your clients by using high-grade waxes that remove long, stubborn hair and do not leave behind a sticky residue. The right pre and/or post products can further soothe skin and reduce redness. You must inform your client about your service. Telling them to come back every 4-6 weeks will reduce discomfort and give them the most pleasant experience. Customers will love waxing because they can see immediate results.


High Margin Service, Low Cost: Waxing can be one of the most lucrative services because it offers high margins while having low overhead expenses. Your margins will increase by reducing the amount of product that is used during your service. This can be achieved in several ways. This will allow you to avoid having to do the same job over and over again, as well as reduce product consumption. By choosing quality waxes, you can offer an exceptional service. Your revenues will increase if you can price them accordingly. You can also reduce the number of appointments you have and fit more services into your schedule by reducing the length of your services. The best waxing products are strip wax, which can be used on larger areas. Hard wax is for smaller, delicate areas. Clients will instantly notice the results and will feel completely satisfied.


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